Cat Behavior Help

Take a breath. You’re in the right place. Cat behavior issues can be confusing, even scary. The good news? We can help. You’ve found Houston’s cat behavior experts. No matter the issue, we’ve probably seen it before.

  • Cat aggression towards owners
  • Cat aggression towards visitors
  • Cats fighting with each other
  • Cats and dogs fighting
  • Cat eliminating outside the litter box
  • Cat who hides / shy cats

Recommended by Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Lore Haug

Aggressive CatCat Aggressive Behavior

This can feel tricky. We get it. You brought your feline friend into your life expecting a mutually loving relationship. You want to spoil him, pet him, cuddle with him on a rainy night, and shower him with praise and love. Instead, you ended up with a cat that hisses when you walk by, swats at your hand when you’re trying to feed him, or bites your best friend every time they come over. Yikes!

Yes we can help. We’ll work with you to figure out why your cat is lashing out. Then, using positive reinforcement training techniques, we will work to bring you two closer than you’ve ever been before. You don’t have to live with a bad housemate who has the potential to be dangerous. There is hope. We can work with you to guide your cat back to being the companion you were hoping for.

“Beth worked with our three cats after we combined households and pets. I have had cats my entire life, but Beth had insights into each cat’s behaviors that I never would have considered. She is kind and clearly knows cat behavior. While our group is still a work in progress, Beth’s knowledge about cat behavior has really helped transition our three adult cats into getting along with each other.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

— Dinah, Houston TX

Kitty Litter Box ProblemsKitty Litter Box Problems

No one expects their cat, who has used the box faithfully since day one, to all of a sudden start pooping on the bed. Or urinating on the carpet. Or taking every opportunity they get to soil your fresh, clean laundry. That’s a lot to deal with. Litter Box issues are frustrating to experience, and seem to come out of nowhere. Don’t worry, we have your back. We are experts in this area. No matter what your litter box woes are, we’ll rise to the challenge and help you figure out how to get the mess back where it belongs.

Hiding and Timid CatsHiding Cats and Timid Cats

You’re proud of your cat. Your cat is perfect in every way and you just want to show them off when you have friends or family over! But inevitably, the cat just won’t cooperate and hides from anyone not in the immediate family, maybe even hissing or acting aggressively! That makes it harder to hire a pet sitter or go to the vet’s office, or even have the kid’s friends over for sleepovers. We’re here for you. Let us help you build up your cat’s confidence and help bring them out into the open in all sorts of situations.

Cats Fighting with Each Other

Have you brought home a new friend for your resident cat, and kitty is just not having it? When the fur flies between animals, we’re there to back you up. With proven positive reinforcement training methods and carefully crafted integration plans, we can help make the transition from a 1 to a 2 or more pet household as smooth as possible.

Beth Brown CCBC CPDT-KSAYour Cat Behavior Expert in Houston (and yeah, we help folks nationwide, too).


We aren’t exaggerating when we say Beth is uniquely qualified to help you – not just with your cat but with all the animals in your household. She has multiple certifications in cat and dog behavior.

Beth is also a trainer educator, having mastered multiple techniques for behavior change using positive reinforcement. She’s definitely not a cookie cutter trainer. Every animal is different (every family too). She’ll custom fit a plan to help you and your cat with as little fuss as possible.

Beth is the former director of behavior at a renown no-kill shelter in the Houston area. She’s familiar with rescue animals and the behavior issues they can sometimes suffer from. It’s hard to stump her with a situation she hasn’t seen before.

In other words, you and your cat are in good hands.